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Image by Patrick Kool

puppies4-8 mos

10:30 AM

Help set your puppy up for a lifetime of success! We’ll cover Socialization, Potty Training, Crate Training, Intro to Leash Manners, and Basic Cues like Sit, Stay, and Leave it!

Taught by Susan Light


Convenient and Affordable Group Classes

On-going Group Classes every Saturday (excluding major Holiday weekends). No need to wait for a session to start, start anytime and enjoy the convenience of an on-going class!

$150 for 4 classes, you have 8 weeks to use them!


Choose the class by your dog’s age.

Border Collie with a Bone

adolescenta8-18 mos


Learn how to survive the “teen years”! We’ll cover Basic Cues like Sit, Stay, and Leave it, Leash Manners. We will also learn how to tackle common behavior issues like demand barking, boredom and self soothing.

Taught by Susan Light

Dog Collar
Image by Robert Gramner
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adults18 mos +

2:00 pm

It’s NEVER too late to train! Adult dogs can still learn their Basic Cues like Sit, Stay, Leave it, and Leash Manners. Also learn how to tackle bad habits like jumping, barking and more!

Taught by Susan Light


Do you have a reactive dog? Are you ready to take their skills to the next level? This 4 week special course will help you work your dog in controlled environments to work through their reactivity and fine tune your skills together.


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