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Senior. Rescue Dog. Avid Hiker. First Love.


I rescued Tallulah in 2010 from a fabulous rescue here in Los Angeles called Bark N' Bitches.  It wasn't love at first sight.  In fact when Kirk (my then friend and now fiance) pointed her out with excitement:

"Awe! Look at that little Papillon!"

My actual response was: "She looks like a rat"

Tallulah had other plans.  She spotted me and called me for a sucker for her love.  I sat down on the bench in a sea of dogs and she ran over to me and scratched at my leg for me to pick her up.  I did and she slept on my lap for the 1.5 hours I was there. 

Having grown up with large breed dogs exclusively I wasn't exactly looking for a lap dog.  I didn't even understand how to pet them. I went back for to the rescue the following day knowing the gravity of the decision I was making.  Tallulah spotted me again and followed me through the shop and found her spot on my lap again for another two hours.  I knew right then and there.  It wasn't my choice anymore. She had chosen me. 

She's been by my side ever since.


Therapy Dog in Training. Wanna be Model.


Hunter is part rapscallion, part lizard hunter, and all handsome.

I rescued Hunter off of my Brother's ranch in 2012.  He was living outside with all the ranch animals after he had wandered onto their property.  He was such an adorable little scamp back then.  Every time I would go and visit my Brother I'd bring Tallulah along and when it was time for us to leave he'd always jump in the car with her.  Finally one day my sister in law suggested I just take him home with me. He's been big city living now for 7 years.

Hunter really taught me about the incredible bonds training can build between and owner and a dog.  Before I started training with Hunter our relationship wasn't exactly bonded... let's put it this way, he was much more my Fiancé's dog than he was mine.

Through training we've been able to build amazing bonds together and my goal is to get him tested and start doing Therapy work with him by the end of this year.

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