Pawliday Gift Guide '19

It's that time of year again! A time to spoil and cherish the Dog and Dog lover in your life! I have curated a list of some of my favorite products from this year. From canine fashion to Dog mom necessities, I've accumulated a wide range of gift ideas sure to inspire and awe the dog fanatic you love, not to mention your four legged best friend.

1. DOOG Walkie Bag

The Perfect give for the Dog mom in your life. This Walkie bag is a great asset while out walking your dogs or taking a trip to the local coffee shop with dogs in tow. With a built in poop bag dispenser you no longer have to dig around the bottomless pit that is your purse to find one in case of an accident. Best of all, there is a little pocket inside with waterproof protection to keep your valuables safe at the beach or in a rain storm! It is versatile and a must have for the Dog Mom on the go. Buy this Walkie Bag Here!

2. Dope Dog Calming Crunchies

My actual favorite CBD treats for dogs. These cookies are so clean YOU can eat them, though I wouldn't recommend them as a go to snack for yourself. Made with all natural ingredients and full spectrum hemp oil these treats will help keep your pets calm and satisfied. Holiday's are a stressful time for all members of the family, including the four legged ones, so give them the gift of peace of mind (and a yummy for their tummy). This new Merry Munchy flavor is Pumpkin and Turmeric and contains only 10 natural ingredients that you can understand like: egg powder, rolled oats & coconut oil. Check out their entire product line of Innovative Hemp Treats and shop with code HT20 for 20% off your purchase!

3. WoofCultr Gear

Have a "dog nerd" in your life? Woof Cultr is a dog clothing and accessory brand designed by Dog trainers for Dog trainers. Their pin set makes the perfect stocking stuffer! Pins can be used to decorate their fave jean jacket or treat pouch. It comes with three pins in the set including their popular "dog nerd" design. Plus, you can support a small business in the process! Personally I own their T-shirt and hat but have quite a few new designs in my cart including their comfy Joggers and pins. Get 20% of my code Hunter20 to grab a special dog loving someone a unique somethin somethin!

4. Outback tails Jute toy

This company out of Australia has their eye on sustainability and I LOVE that. Their Juke toys are an all natural, non Toxic and eco friendly dog toy that your dog will absolutely love. Every puppy who comes over absolutely loves the juke toy I have in my house and when they chew on it I rest assured that they aren't releasing any toxic chemicals into their delicate and growing systems. Plus their toys give back to indigenous tribes in Australia and are ranked by the sustainability coalition. Give a great gift to your pooch and the planet this year.

5. FitPet Ahead+ Test Kit

Be in the know this Holiday Season with the Fitpet Ahead at home Urinalysis kit. This kit can help you determine how your pet's health is doing and help bridge the gap between vet visits. This at home test can help determine signs of serious illnesses such as; Diabetes, Kidney stones, UTI and more. I used this kit at home with both of my dogs and found they were both pretty dehydrated, a common side effect of a kibble diet. By using this kit I can be empowered to make changes in my dogs care to help keep them as healthy as I can for as long as I can. Buy the kit on Amazon for just $23.99, way less than a vet check up would cost you.

6. Nupro Pet Supplements

Give the gift of good health this Holiday season! We LOVE Nupro pet supplements in my house. I give it to both dogs daily and have recently moved into the "Silver" version with the added joint support for Tallulah's ailing bones. The dogs Love the flavor it adds to their meals and I love that it is 100% all natural supplements. In fact, a lot of the supplements in the Nupro I take myself! This proprietary blend is great for all pets but is really designed to help keep your senior pet active. It has a base of their original gold blend which contains ingredients like, Norwegian kelp and Tumeric in addition to joint friendly supplements life; glucosamine, Chondroitin and bioavailable sulfur. Buy yours on, or directly from the retailer.

7. Professional in studio Photoshoot

For a really special gift, treat yourself and your family to a professional in studio photo session with your dogs. Get portraits of your dogs that will last way beyond their years and a treasure you can hang in your home. A little different then meeting a friend with a camera or using your iphone (#caughtoniphone) to take a portrait, going into a studio is an experience. Be sure to bring along a squeaky toy and your dogs favorite treats to help in the process of getting them captured just right. The portrait above was captured by FUREVER USA, they specialize in an immersive photography experience to help capture the truest love between you and your dogs. They have a collection of photographers and studios nationwide, see the map here, who are all vetted by the fantastic owners, that can help you capture something truly special for you and your pets.

8. Brain Teasers for Dogs

This fun fantastic book gives you hours of entertainment you can enjoy with your pooch. With a collection of Brain games you can easily create out of household items, this book helps you bridge the gap between outdoor exercise and training. They say, "a tired dog is a good dog" but if you live in an area with extreme weather is can be hard to get your dogs outside to run it out. I play brain games and puzzles with my dogs all the time and happened upon this book while snooping through You should know, they also have a kindle version! This would make a fantastic stocking stuffer or gift for that friend with a new puppy.

9. Koios Air Purifier

Hands down, this has to be my favorite piece of teck in my house! When all the fires were happening here in LA, I was really struggling with a ton of irritation in my eyes, throat and lungs. As a lifelong asthmatic, the smoke was too intense for my lungs to clear out so desperate I headed to in search of an air purifier. THis is not only small and sleek in design, it WORKS! Within 2 hours of plugging it in the smoke smell was completely undetectable in my house. The other cool things is, because it is a HEPA grade filter in there it will also help to eliminate pet dander and other common air pollutants. This is a fantastic and affordable fist for the dog owner in your life and has really helped eliminate the "dog smell" from our house, even when we have 7 dogs in here. Check it out here!

10. Puff Pants Apparel

Last but def not least are these amazing bandanas by @puffpantsapparel. They are so well made and the designs are super cute. The best part is, you can even get a matching scrunchie! Come, on! Everyone knows #twinningiswinning. Tallulah is wearing "The Aspen" and Hunter is wearing the "Kodiak". The size chart is perfectly accurate and the fit is literally stunning. I love that the Bandanas are reversible so this is really one of those two gifts in one sort of thing. If you want to give an extra special gift, get these bananas customized with your (or someone else's) dogs name. Another great small woman owned business where you can do some shopping this Holiday season. Check out the collections here

Gifts for both the dogs and their humans in your life. I hope this helps you find the things thats just right this Holiday season, especially if the dog fanatic you are spoiling.... is YOU. #treatyoself

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