Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Caution:: This post contains MANY puns.

The Pawlidays are upon us and choosing gifts for the fur kids in your life can be a daunting task. Especially if you have as many Fur Babies as I do!

So I composed a list of perfect Pawliday gifts for your fur family and extended fur family.  From your four legged babies to your four legged clients to their two legged hoomans this list has got you covered! For the pets and pet lovers in your life, these 12 Days of Woofmas are just what you need to have the most Howlerific holidays.

1. On the first day of Woofmas... 

Get yourself a "Dog Up In This Bitch" car magnet.  It's a treat for you and a note to other drivers to let them know you have precious furry cargo.  Let your "cool mom" side out.The Magnets are damage free and easy to remove and move to suit your needs.  Find them on my IG for just $5 on special for the month of December.  Send me a DM and get your fun car accessory for all the Dogs you have up in this!

2. On the Second Day of Woofmas...

Not all kibble is created equal.  I am very eco conscious as a

consumer and as a dog Mom.  I personally practice a Vegan diet but I am a strong believer that dogs should eat meat, mostly because I am a huge advocate of eat for YOUR health.Why I made the change to Tender and True Dog food is because they too believe Dog food should be eco friendly and promote sustainability.A quarter of the impact of meat production in the US is for pet food. Sadly our pooches are eating by-products and leftovers.  A lot of pet foods claim to be organic, natural or Grain free and use a lot of fillers like corn & soy.  Tender and True is revolutionizing the kibble industry with their Sustainable seafood, GAP Certified Humanely Raised Poultries and their treats are made using GAP Certified Lamb.  I think its so important that I can love my pets by feeding them a better diet that ensures the other little animals of this land are at least treated more fairly.  Learn More 

3. On the Third Day of Woofmas...

Give the gift of better tasting food!  Ok, so you have amazing dog food but something we usually don't think about is the bowl we deliver it in.  I too was guilty of this until I came across Kinn Kleanbowl™ and learned what was really happening inside my pet bowl.Did you know that over 1,000,000 dangerous germs are in your pet’s food/water bowls including E.coli, Salmonella, Staph/Aureus, and/or Yeast/Mold? I know right? GROSS. The real kicker is that your dishwasher water does not get hot enough to kill these germs and if your like me and you hand wash your bowls that means the water you use is even colder than that in a dishwasher.I know what your thinking.... How can disposable bowls be sustainable?Well these bowls are made from 100% biodegradable sugar cane fiber.  It is a renewable by-product and recycling the bowls cuts down on your use of water, electricity and waste compared to a regular stainless steel or plastic pet bowl.

Most importantly, Germs from teeth & gums ingested through the blood stream cause disease and organ failure affecting your pet’s heart, brain, lung, kidney and liver. This can take 4 years off your pet’s life.  Isn't it time you made a change? The starter kits and refills are very affordable and you can get 10-15% off your first purchase!  Click here

4. On the Fourth Day of Woofmas...

Fun, funny and affordable, pick up yourself some Arm The Animals bandanas!  This

clothing company definitely has a paw in the animal welfare world.  They have  worked with over 100 animal welfare organizations providing donation funds, supplying low-cost website development, graphics and marketing services in order to help other organizations increase their impact. So every purchase you make with them supports their life saving efforts.They also make excellent and fun apparel for hoomans and I literally got all my Howliday gifts for my friends from their company this year. Best of all they're having a Pawliday sale on these cute bananas: buy 3 get 1 free Get yours here!

5. On the Fifth Day of Woofmas...

Give the gift of safety this year with the Gen7Pets Commuter Carrier.  It's amazing to me that pet vehicle safety laws are not more widespread.  I'll admit, I used to be the dog mom driving around with my adorable little Talullah on my lap.  I thought it was adorable that she slept there but what I never considered is what would happen to my adorable, precious baby girl if we got into an accident.I considered Tallulah to be my baby, but I would never leave a ten pound infant in my lap while I drove or even just sitting in the back seat.  Let's be clear I am not saying my dog is an infant, but for all intensive purposes, they weigh the same and would both be completely helpless in a car accident.  In fact, I would be without my seatbelt on.

After much research and many horrifying videos by the CPS (Center for Pet safety),  I found a reasonably affordable, crash tested and approved pet carrier/ car seat for vehicle safety.  The Gen7Pets Commuter carrier is sleek, and comes in this fantastic rich red (they also have black) and can be found at Bed Bath and Beyond, Amazon and Chewy.com. See the successful crash test here 

6. On the Sixth Day of Woofmas...

Give the gift of cozy, cute comfort.  Onesie PJs are all the rage and let's be honest, we're all pretty happy about it.  They are comfy, warm and practical, plus with it now being acceptable for adults it only makes sense that our fur kids should have them too.  Have a cozy christmas morning in your onesies and if your really adventurous, get matching ones.

7. On the Seventh Day of Woofmas...

Treat yourself and your pets to a Doggone good Clicker company Trek and Train treat bag.  I absolutely love this limited edition Jade hearts and bones print.As a trainer I use both the Rapid Rewards and the Trek and Train.  The Trek and Train is just the perfect size for hiking trips, on the go sessions, travel.  I tend to use the Trek and Train for etiquette, sessions on the trail and other training related field trips!As a dog mom, this size of bag is perfect for loading up some rewards for good behavior at the cafe or in their new car seat! It has a magnetic closure making one handed openings a breeze and quick treats possible.

I also LOVE the Rapid Rewards size pouch.  With its many pockets and poop bag dispenser its my everyday user for puppy class and private sessions.  The good news is this adorable wintery print comes in both sizes and Doggone Good just released their newest print, Hawaiian print to help you warm you up on these cool winter days.  You can get customized bags with your pets name or your very own logo.  Advertise your business while you work!

8. On the Eighth Day of Woofmas...

You'll need treats to go into that fancy new treat bag.  I love these Pet Botanics training rewards.  They are the perfect size and come in a variety of of flavors.  They are low in calories which makes them perfect to train with and they are soft so they can be broken up into smaller pieces for puppies and smaller dogs.Try their organic treats and their grain free line too.  These make great gifts for your fur kids and for your hooman clients.  An affordable way to spread some yummy joy this Pawliday season.  Find them at your local pet store!

9. On the Ninth Day of Woofmas...

Give the gift of better health this season with Winpro K-Thrive Blood Protien Supplements.  These are literally my new favorite things in the world.  They have completely changed my senior dog's life ( I have her on the mobility and immunity).  She is chipper, barrels down trails and over boulders and wakes up for a wrestling session with her brother...things she hasn't done in years.I can 100% attribute this to the Winpro supplements I started her on.  They are made with a proprietary blend of  blood protein comprised of plasma, serum, albumin, IgG and IgA.  This delivery method makes the vitamins and supplements more easily digested and therefore more effectively and quickly deliverable to your dog.  They come in a soft chew  and more than just a treat, these yummy munchies can revolutionize your dogs health.Find which product is best for your pooch:

Mobility: For dogs with mobility issues such as those with bone deformities, short legs and long backs and seniors.

Immunity: For overall gut health improvement.  Most serious illnesses start in the gut so start your healing there.  Also, often what we think is an allergy is really an immune problem.

Allergy: Skin and Hair improvement to the max

Focus:  These treat help calm your dogs mind and put them into a state of focus and being able to work.  Great to give those dogs with anxiety and regular disease.

Training: For the Athletes in your life.  These are incredible recovery treats for hard working dogs.  If you have hunting dogs that you hunt with, high intensity agility competition dogs, or working herders these are the treats for you.

Use Code HUNTER to get 15% off your first purchase

10. On the Tenth Day of Woofmas...

Give the gift of comfort with an American Kennel Club cooling pad.  I bought Hunter one of these for our hot LA summers.  We live in a super adorable 1920's building, and while very cute and character filled, there is no central AC.  We also, started competing in Scent trials where He was expected to spend long hours in a crate.  This cooling pad saved our summer!Who's to say Christmas gifts can't be future gifts?Plus, for my fellow SoCal residents, our winters are composed of 70 degree days still.

These also make fantastic gifts for clients; small affordable and wrap-able.  They require no water or freezing.  They are filled with touch activated cooling gel so when your dog lays on it and makes contact with the mat it will activate the cooling gel.  No mess, no watery spills just a cute, easy to store and washable comfort pad.

11. On the Eleventh Day of Woofmas...

Classic and durable with enjoyment for dogs of all sizes: KONG toys are always a winning gift for any fur baby, pet parent or client!  From squeaking to crackling, interactive and stuffed Kong toys offer a wide variety of tried and true toys for both dogs and cats. My favorites include their cute wubbas, the wobbler puzzle toy and classic Kong.

With endless options you are sure to find exactly what you need for the pooches on your nice list.  For those on your naughty list, skip the coal and get a Kong extreme instead. See their site to look at their full line of their fun products.

12. On the Twelfth Day of Woofmas...

Give the gift of letting your dogs natural instincts shine with the newest product from Ifetch, the Idig! As a dog trainer, I've come across my fair share of clients with diggers.  Our typical treatment plan would be prevention, or building your dog a sandbox and designated place to dig. So, what do you do when you live in a one bedroom apartment and your dog is digging a hole in your couch or their dog bed?  Well, now you can Let the Diggers Dig!This revolutionary toy by Ifetch is the first ever digging toy.  Designed out of their own need and frustration that there was no such toy on the market, the people of Ifetch new that the doggers were being left out of the equation and their instincts being denied or attempted be trained out of them. How do you train DNA away?

They have two versions, the "Stay" and the "Go".  The stay in a solid, more heavy piece that could easily be stored under a couch or bed.  It is sturdy and great for small dogs who like to dig away. Each one comes with three standard flaps with fancier flaps being designed currently!  The flaps have pockets where you can hide toys and treats creating interactive play for your pooches that really scratches that DNA itch.  Use it as a slow feeder or if you're a trainer, grab the "go" to wear out a puppy at the top of a session to have a more successful session.

A great gift for the pets or the pet professional in your life (especially if that pet professional is you!)  Get yours here and Let the Diggers Dig!

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