I am an ABCDT certified dog trainer and behavioral modification specialist using force free and R+ training methods.  Currently working as the Head Trainer and Behavior Specialist for Up Dog L.A.

All of my clients want the same basic things from their pet dogs:

1. A dog who can walk nicely on leash 
2. A dog who listens to commands

3. A dog that comes when called. 


What I have found in my years of training is that these universal goals all start from the same place, a well balanced relationship with clear communication between you and your pet dog. This is why my focus in training is centered around just that, the building of communication and foundational relationship with help your dog learn and understand how to navigate this human world in the kindest, most humane way possible.

Training Partners


Private in home training available primarily in Los Angeles.  Arrangements can be made for clients living in Riverside County or San Diego. 

Skype sessions are also available worldwide.

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Proud Pet Food Express Training Partner.

Training classes offered for Dogs and Puppies 9 weeks and older through UP DOG LA

Location: Pet Food Express, Beverly Hills, CA

Register for classes by visiting the Up Dog LA site and reserving your space.


Current Enrichment Activities offered are:

GROUP HIKES: Your Dog gets picked up for a pack hike lead by yours truly.  Dogs learn how to walk in tandem with other dogs while not interacting with them and experience socialization in a controlled environment. *HOLLYWOOD/ SILVERLAKE*

SCENT WORKS: Dogs get picked up for a fun filled afternoon of Nosey games to hone their nose and exercise their brain. *WESTSIDE CLIENTS* 

More Info/ Sign up for Group Hikes:
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